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Five-Point Programmatic Thrust
Activities under the Five-Point Programmatic Thrust involve members as volunteers in direct services, catalyst for community action, and trailblazers in providing inter-agency support for issues both public and private. Leaders network and build coalitions with other organizations to secure resources and disseminate vital information. 

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Five-Point Programmatic Thrust
  • Economic Development
The sorority encourages support of minority owned programs, seminars and workshops on procurement and entrepreneurship. An important component is the emphasis on personal financial planning and assess management. 

Financial planning, money management, consumer education, investments and employment opportunities are but a few of Delta’s money concerns under Economic Development. Various programs are facilitated to help our members and our communities to begin the journey to financial independence and economic empowerment.

  • Educational Development
Our chapters conduct programs and projects designed to address the need for excellence in education. On national and local levels, these programs range from tutorial services to the awarding of scholarships and grants.

The Brevard County Alumnae Chapter conducts projects/programs designed to address the need for excellence in education and to confront the problems of African American women in all age groups. In addition, our chapter’s pursuit of educational excellence takes the form of scholarships.
  • International Awareness & Involvement
Through International awareness and involvement projects, women in Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. have been able to broaden their knowledge and understanding of nations other than their own, increase interest in international affairs, and aid in developing a greater appreciation for people of different backgrounds and cultures. In addition, the sorority aligns itself with other organizations in striving to promote peace and world fellowship. 
  • Physical & Mental Health
The work of the Sorority in prevention and wellness translates into health education programs, health fairs and provisions of health care services for those in need and also supports medical research that examines illnesses that victimizes specific segments of the nation’s population, particularly African Americans.

The Brevard County Alumnae Chapter partners with the American Cancer Society - Brevard Unit via its participation in local Relay For Life and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer events. This is in alignment with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc’s Southern Region Partnership with the American Cancer Society.  
  • Political Awareness & Involvement
The Founders’ participation in the Suffrage March for Women to Vote in March 1913 was the organization’s first act of political awareness and involvement. Through social action the members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. positively impact their communities. Public Policy awareness in African American communities continues to guide the activities of the Social Action Commission.
Social Action
Through Social Action, the members of the sorority and their respective communities gain a greater appreciation of their potential for influence and for their communities. There is an increased knowledge of both domestic and foreign issues and how these issues affect the needs of African Americans and other people of African Diaspora.

Each of the chapter’s programmatic initiatives has an advocacy component that is implemented under the auspices of social action when it is appropriate or necessary to do so.

The Brevard County Alumnae Chapter continues to institute activities that foster:
     1.  Sponsoring Voter Registration and Voter Education programs
     2.  Political Awareness & Involvement